Abdul Gafoor

Water removal from dewatering sites

Dewatering and construction dewatering are terms used to describe the action of removing groundwater or surface water from a construction site. Normally the dewatering process is done by pumping or evaporation and is usually done before excavation for footings or to lower water level that might be causing problems during excavations. Dewatering can also refer to the process of removing water from the soil by wet classification. The right dewatering plan can be used to be in compliance with some of the Best Management


Preventing Water from Affecting Your Site

When it is known that a low permeability soil can be found, a possible solution to reduce the dewatering process is isolating the permeable strata from other sources of water. Sometimes, sheet piles, slurry walls, and grout curtains can be used as a method of preventing water from entering your trench or foundation. Although this solution will not get rid of the problem, it is a very good plan to use when the water table is high, as you will still need to pump or remove water from the foundation or trench due to rainfall and water trapped in the area.

Depending on the system use, a complete engineering analysis will be required to analyze how this process affects other areas.