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Sweet Water Tanker Supply in Dubai Uae

Are you looking for Sweet Water Tanker in Dubai, Then Gafoor group is one the best transport company they supply sweet water tankers in Dubai UAE. We have 1000 letter tanker to 5000-gallon water tanker in Dubai UAE.

Usually, sweet water is used for the refilling of swimming pool supply, build-in area, residential area. Everybody knows, DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) supplies all over Dubai.

But, sometimes Dewa sweet water supply line breakdown due to any reason then over well-trained water tanker driver is ready to supply sweet water all around Dubai UAE.

If your DEWA water  line breaks down then contact us

We have following sweet water tanker

  • 10000 Gallon water tanker in UAE
  • 5000 Sweet Water Tanker in Dubai
  • 1000 Gallon sweet water tanker
sweet water supply in Dubai

Sweet water and salt water supply to construction sites and swimming pools

Sweet Water Tanker:-

We are a sweet water tanker & salt water tanker supplying company operating in Dubai, UAE.

We have emerged as the most trusted company in Dubai for sweet water supply. Certified by the Dubai authorities for the supply of sweet water.

Certified for saltwater tanker and potable water. Water Supply Dubai has experienced workers, very good vehicles equipped with very hygienic tanks and very advanced machinery.

Sweet Water Tanker Services:-

We supply sweet water to villas. We supply sweet water to swimming pools. We supply sweet water to construction Sites, Restaurants, Residential Complex, and other requirements. Sweet water supplied in tankers for different purposes. Sweet water tanker is mostly supplied to swimming pools in villas and hotels. Sweet water delivery is also supplied to construction sites. We supply sweet water tanker all over Dubai. We are experts in supplying water for drinking and other purposes. We provide all kinds of tankers for supplying water.

(Sweet Water, Salt Water Tanker, Irrigation Water, Waste Water Collection) 

Extraordinary services at extraordinary prices. 

We provide sweet and salt water services in all capacities. 

(20,000 gallons, 18,000 gallons 10,000 gallons, 5,000 gallons, 2,000 gallons, 1,000 gallons) at an affordable price.

Sweet Water

Sweetwater is used for filling up swimming pools, construction sites, irrigation purposes, etc. It is also used when DEWA water is shut off due to some faulty issues.

Salt Water:-

Salt water is also known to as saline water is used for the number of purposes such as aquariums, construction, landscaping, pools etc. It is commonly used for ground works. Mostly collected as seawater or groundwater salt water is a key material for construction.

Swimming Pool Water (Pool filling services) :-

If are you looking for a swimming refilling company in Dubai then we have capacity of of filling all sizes of swimming pools . 

We have all types water supply tanker that they refill your swimming pool . So if you want our services then contact us.

We fill all types of swimming pool, whether big or small. Our tankers make it possible to carry large amounts of water and fill your pool anytime, anywhere.

We are the experts in swimming pool water filling.

Our dynamic pricing structure ensures you will receive a competitive price.

On-time Delivery We take care of your Business, assure on-time delivery and we deliver all over Dubai


One time i order swimming pool water they supply water on the time and refill and clean my swimming pool perfectly.
No doubt in the sweet water supply on time no compression of Gafoor group. last week suddenly my Dewa water line breakdown. I order through a phone call, within 15 mint they supplied sweet water tankers at my home.