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Construction rubbish removal and sand shifting by tipper trucks

We remove construction wastes from construction sites with 35 cubic meter trucks, we have 25 tipper trucks readily available all the time to conduct the job we can remove the rubbish from sites with our trucks and shovels, we

Tipper Truck

Are you looking for a tipper truck, also known as a dump truck, for your mining or construction project? These trucks are commonly used for transporting loose materials like gravel, sand or dirt in the construction and mining industries.

A dump truck is typically fitted with an open-box in the back for a truck bed. The box has a hinge at the rear as well as hydraulic pistons to help tip the truck by raising the front of the box along with the load. Gravity then does the rest of the work. The load is ‘tipped’ or dumped over at the delivery site with the help of gravity.

Tipper rental is available through Abdul Gafoor Group of companies freight exchange platform, all you need to do is to use the instant search function and find the company that suits your needs and offers the best deal.

Each with its own particular design to perform a specific task in the material supply chain for the mining and construction industries. Besides the standard dump truck, a transfer truck is also common. This has a separate trailer attached to a standard dump truck, and the trailer contains a movable cargo box for maximizing load capacity. Other types of tippers include a semi-trailer end dump, a super dump truck, side dump truck and other types that are found in different parts of the world and used for various purposes. 

Have ready permission for disposing off the rubbish from Dubai municipality. We also provide tipper trucks for sand shifting purposes

We perform a range of rubbish removal services. So, you needn’t have to waste your time doing it yourself. Whatever your rubbish removal needs, our team of rubbish revivalist’s will work hard at getting it done fast.

We do the following services:

  • Clean ups
  • Brick, Sand, Soil Removal
  • Building Site Waste Removal
  • Commercial Waste Removal
  • Deceased Estate Rubbish Removal
  • E-Waste Removal
  • Fridge & White goods Removal
  • Household Rubbish Removal & Hard Waste
  • Labor Hire
  • Moving House or Business Premises
  • Office Rubbish Removal
  • Old Furniture & Mattress Removal
  • Real Estate Clean Ups
  • Shop & Office Strip Out
  • Scrap Metal Removal
  • Yard Waste Removal